Wildlife Clubs of Africa Project

Wildlife Clubs of Africa Project

Linking African children to the global conservation community – for the benefit of nature and people

Year: 2008 – 2011
: BirdLife International

Project Background

WCA student

WCA student

The project is combining biodiversity conservation with education and sustainable development initiatives using bird conservation as the strategy to help bridge the digital divide in Africa and also to link up to almost 400,000 African children, members of wildlife clubs. The project was developed to fill gaps and support seventeen BirdLife Partner NGOs using wildlife clubs for environmental education in primary and secondary schools in Africa through a needs assessment of these wildlife clubs activities in 2004. These Partners are involved in providing environmental education to children in primary and secondary schools by means of Wildlife Clubs with a focus on the protection of the environment. The overall conclusion of of the assessment was that there was a  need to boost Wildlife Clubs activities through; 1) sharing of information with other  wildlife clubs; 2) strengthening capacities in environmental education and wildlife club work; and 3) improving communication facilities to enable children in wildlife clubs throughout Africa to exchange experiences with other children from around the world and each other.

 The project is an African initatiative being implemented by BirdLife Partners in Africa and coordinated from the West African Sub Regional Office and Nairobi National office giving advisory support.

pdficon_largeWildlife_Clubs_of_Africa-Project_Report (PDF 450kb)

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Wildlife Clubs of Africa Project – Phase 2

Year: 2012 – 2014
Partners: BirdLife International

Project Background
The request for the Phase Two of the project has been necessitated by the following  important follow up work/gaps identified during project implementation that require additional funds and additional time to be addressed:

  • Production and dissemination of hard copies of manual and CD for education, advocacy/communication especially of local community clubs with limited access to internet.
  • Translation of manual and other relevant documents into French for wider dissemination and use especially in French speaking countries.
  • Upgrade of the CHM to create a site with much bigger space for more postings
  • Development of effective advocacy materials/strategies  for mainstreaming of Environmental Education (EE) into mainstream education systems
  • Further development of sustainability mechanism for wildlife clubs.

Approximately 2,000 wildlife clubs with a combined membership of almost 150,000 children are actively participating in this second phase of the project. The project focuses on consolidating the gains that were achieved under phase 1, building synergies with three ‘flyway conservation’ projects between Africa and Europe and mainstreaming environmental education into the national curriculum for primary education in one country (Ghana). The process of mainstreaming environmental education in the school curriculum in Ghana will serve as a model for other Partners to follow in the future. In all, the projectseeks to expand horizons, build confidence, empower and inspire children involved in wildlife club activities through a range of programmes that centre on conservation action and environmental education as well as livelihood improvement.

pdficon_largeWCA Annual Project Report- Jan 2013 (PDF 950kb)