Sustaining NGO Capacity

Sustaining NGO Capacity

– to Conserve Nature during the Global Economic Downturn

Year: 2011 – 2013

Project background
This project was designed to ameliorate the effects of the global economic downturn on BirdLife Partner NGOs. As a result of the recession, funding streams to some NGOs were significantly reduced and important conservation work was severely curtailed. In response, the NGOs took corrective action including introducing staff pay cuts or scaling back activities. This response was partially effective, but there were still core funding gaps to be filled. This project was meant to help fill these gaps through awards of a series of “small” grants funds to selected NGOs.

Four grants were awarded in 2011 to BirdLife NGOs in the Cook Islands; Uruguay; Vietnam and Egypt. Three NGOs completed and reported on funding contracts at the end of 2011. There were delays in Egypt because of fragile security and a report on Egypt is included in this 2012 report. Five grants were approved and awarded in 2012 to: Azerbaijan Ornithological Society (AOS), Ghana Wildlife Society (GWS), Wildlife and Environment Society of Malawi (WESM), Palau Conservation Society (PCS), and Palestine Wildlife Society (PWS). We provide reports on these grants in this 2012 report. An additional grant has been approved for award to The Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds but disbursement has been linked to a BirdLife network review requiring improvement in management. This grant will be disbursed as soon as these conditions are met and a report will be provided in 2013 as part of the Project’s Final Report. As a result of the above-mentioned unavoidable delays, a six month no-cost extension is therefore being requested to the project duration – to end in June 2013.


Sustaining NGO Capacity – Annual Progress Report – 2012