Purchasing and protecting key forest sites

Purchasing and protecting key forest sites

– Purchasing and Protecting Key Forest Sites for Nature Conservation in the Americas

Year: 2012 – 2013

Project Background
In the Americas, land purchase of key sites has proved to be an effective way of conserving both species and habitats and the numerous ecosystem services they provide. Land purchase is often the best way to minimise the risks and assumptions of conservation efforts, and can provide greater options in terms of sustainable finance for long-term protection and management of forest reserves. Some of the highest priorities for purchase are unprotected forest corridors that link much larger protected forest sites; key areas within the buffer zones of existing protected area; and core areas within “paper parks” (areas protected on paper only). Such purchases deliver benefits greatly disproportionate to the area involved, as they help ensure the viability of species within protected areas, and long-term ecological connectivity.
Within this context, at the end of 2010 the Aage V. Jensen Charity Foundation agreed to support the purchase and management of at least 474 ha of private properties in three particularly important forest areas in the Americas, in addition to helping to build the capacity of BirdLife Partners in the use of land purchase as an approach to long-term sustainable forest conservation. The three priority areas, all Important Bird Areas (IBAs), are:

  •  Bahoruco-Jaragua corridor in the Caribbean Dry Forest of the Dominican Republic;
  •  The buffer zone of Cruce Caballero Provincial Park in the Atlantic Forest of Misiones Province, Argentina
  • Core forest within San Rafael, in the Atlantic Forest of Paraguay.

Detailed descriptions of these sites are included in Annex III.

Project Goal
To ensure the long term conservation of key forests at IBAs in Argentina, Dominican Republic and Paraguay, through land purchase to create private reserves and the development of

pdficon_largeProtecting Key Forest Sites in the Americas – 2012 Annual Progress Report

pdficon_large2012 Annual Progress Report – Annexes

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