Nepcon – Maiau Basin Sabah

Nepcon – Maiau Basin Sabah

– Management Planning for the Maliau Basin and Surrounding Forest Areas in Sabah (Malaysia)

Year 2012 – 2013
Partner: Sabah Foundation, NEPCon
Project Background

Maiau Basin Sabah - Map

Maiau Basin Sabah – Map

The Maliau Basin, also known as The Lost World of Sabah, is situated in the heart of Sabah, Borneo, and belongs to some of the most biologically diverse areas in the tropics. BirdLife International has designated the area as an IBA with more than 270 bird species; hereof many listed on IUCN’s Red List. Now, the previous Malaysian project partner, the Sabah Foundation, has invited NEPCon to participate in a project, which shall update the management plan. This once more provides a unique opportunity to provide special Danish assistance to the protection of the Maliau Basin, which is part of the few, but globally significant conservation areas that have escaped the heavy logging activities and forest conversions affecting large tracts of Sabah and the rest of Borneo.

The key objective of the present project is to revise and renew the management plan for the Maliau Basin and surrounding forest areas in order to further develop the protection and restoration of these areas. It is estimated that remaining or degraded rainforest areas in the order of at least 20-40,000 ha will achieve an improved conservation status with the implementation of a new management plan. The updated management plan, which will be covering the period 2013-2022, will provide the framework for developing the conservation efforts in the area. The project will also include studying and outlining options of enlarging the Maliau Basin Conservation Area and the establishment of protected forest corridors between the basin and the nearby conservation areas; Danum Valley and Imbak Canyon. Additionally, the possibility of linking these areas with the “Heart of Borneo Project”, which is a WWF initiative, will be thoroughly investigated.

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