Status: Ongoing project
Partners: Nanok

Project background
– When the storm rages even the poorest hut is better than the best tent…

Words of wisdom spoken by an old trapper during North East Greenland’s so-called “trapper period” (1908-60).

When the last trappers left Greenland in the late 1950s, their more than 300 trappers’ huts soon began to dilapidate. Only a few of them were used and maintained by the Sirius patrol. Polar bears ransacked the huts every now and then and the Sirius patrol therefore began to build their own network of new, bear-proof cabins. In the summer of 1991 a private group of North East Greenland enthusiasts established the non-profit society   Nanok in order to save the old huts. The idea was to repair a number of the huts so that they could both function as small “open-air museums” and be used by people working or travelling in North East Greenland.

During Nanok’s first year the finances were the limiting factor, but in the summer of 1999 Aage V. Jensen Charity Foundation offered to be the sole sponsor of Nanok – a sponsorship that has existed ever since.

In the period of 1991 to 2011 Nanok renovated 42  culture-historical buildings, and during the years 2003 to 2007 all the buildings in North East Greenland  dating back to the trapper period were documented. All activities in Nanok are carried out on a voluntary basis.

pdficon_largeNanok – 2012 Field report (PDF 1.061kb)

pdficon_largeNanok – 2011 Field report (PDF 1.546kb)

pdficon_largeNanok – 2010 Field report (PDF 1.112kb)

pdficon_largeNanok – 2009 Field report (PDF 1.066kb)