Land purchase at Kinangop

Land purchase at Kinangop

– Development of visitor facilities and management support for the Kinangop Montane Grasslands Nature Reserve, Kenya

Year 2006 Р2008
Partners: Nature Kenya, BirdLife
Project Background
The Kinangop Plateau covers about 300 square miles (770 km sq) between the forested Aberdare Mountains in the east and the Rift Valley in the west. This is high country, lying more than 2,400 meters (7,874 feet) above sea level. Historically, it was a cool, often misty montane grassland. The human population consisted of small Kikuyu settlements, and the Maasai sometimes brought their cattle to graze the plains (the name Kinangop, in fact, is of Maasai origin and refers to a cold, flat, wet place).

Project objectives
The four key objectives are:

  • Reserve management – Contribute to the protection of a largely negleted habitat, montane grasslands, adn the globally threatened Shape’s Longclaw by promoting community management of a 45 acre reserve secured using AVJCF funding.
  • Ecotourism development – Demonstrate the economic values of the montane grasslands and their associated species through ecotourism promotion as an incentive to encourage retention of grasslands.
  • Education and interpretation – Develop and run an education programme for local farmers and visitors to the reserve, including:
    • Lectures to school children pn importance of grassland and biodiversity
    • Demonstration to local farmers on tussock restocking
    • Demonstration for kitchen gardening and the promotion of livestock management in keeping width biodiversity conservation
    • General awareness on enviromental conservation.
  • Publicity and promotion – Production of a brocuhre and provision of relevant training.