IBA Local Conservation Groups

IBA Local Conservation Groups

– harnessing community support for site conservation

Year: 2007 – 2010
: BirdLife International

Project Background
Analysis shows that the threats to Important Bird Areas are nearly always caused by people. But people are also part of the solution, and working with people at IBAs helps to engage a mainly local constituency in support of IBA conservation. It builds on what are often strong connections – economic, cultural, historical – between people and the sites where they live, work and engage in recreation. Working with local people can help to:

  • galvanise local support and passion for conservation; mobilise the voice, influence and impact of local stakeholders
  • raise local awareness of the site and its local to global values
  • provide a cost effective mechanism for recording change and identifying threats
  • provide an avenue for linking conservation of the environment to development and the livelihoods of local people

Through a diversity of approaches, BirdLife Partners worldwide are harnessing this local support for conservation, by involving diverse local organisations (collectively called IBA-Local Conservation Groups – IBA-LCGs) in development, monitoring, advocacy and education activities at sites, linking them to one another, and achieving national coordination through the BirdLife Partner. The focus of this project is to build on experience to date, and to establish a programme of practical conservation actions by IBA-LCGs at selected IBAs worldwide.

pdficon_largeIBA – local conservation groups – Final Progress report (PDF 1.237kb)