Greenland Institute of natural resources


Greenland Institute of natural resources

The Greenland Institute of Natural Resources conducts research into Arctic ecosystems, monitors the living resources and the environment in Greenland and advises the Government of Greenland and other authorities on sustainable exploitation of living resources and safeguarding the environment and biodiversity.

Duration: Ongoing
Partners: Pinngortitaleriffik
Project background
Aage V. Jensen Charity Foundation’s greatest commitment in Greenland is the establishment of the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources in Nuuk. The Institute has made it possible for Greenland to take  the scientific studying and monitoring of Greenland’s nature in its own hands.

The main building from 1998 houses laboratories, offices and common facilities for 40 employees. It is of high functional and architectural quality, faced with natural materials and with beautiful inflow of light. In 2000 an annex was built containing flats and rooms for visiting researchers, and in 2011 the main building of the Institute was extended to make room for further 25 employees.

These facilities have attracted leading researchers from abroad,    strengthened the Institute’s international profile and provided excellent conditions for numerous new projects, in particular in climatic research.

The Institute of Natural Resources has developed into an internationally recognized scientific institute, and its activities are of decisive importance to a sustainable utilization of resources and the protection of the natural environment in Greenland.

For more than 20 years Aage V. Jensen Foundations have supported research projects in many parts of Greenland. Thus it has been possible to initiate a large number of  studies of for example sea mammals and birds, not least in the National Park in North East Greenland.

Where for a long time scientific studies of animals in Greenland were concentrated on commercial fish resources, the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources has been able, during recent years, to focus on many other natural conditions both terrestrial and marine.

By financing a professorship at the Institute of Natural Resources in 2005 the Foundations aimed at supporting the   important research activities into the interaction of man and the eco system and climate in Greenland. The professorship has resulted in a significant professional research boost and has very much strengthened the Institute’s international  cooperation.

The Institute is a contributor to the knowledge gathering on the global climate changes which have a particular impact on the Arctic regions. The impact of climate change on the ice cap and on ocean currents close to Greenland has global significance and is therefore the object of very extensive research activities.


  • 5-year professorship + Post.doc
  • A 820 m2 extension to the institute
  • A Boathouse Vestervig
  • A Permanent exhibition at the institute
  • Feltfaciliteter i Nuuk Basis