Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest

Conserving Key Biodiversity Sites in the World’s Greatest and Most Threatened Tropical Forests

Year: 2007 – 2010
Partners: SAVE Brasil, BirdLife International

Project Background
amazon rainforest
At the end of 2006, the Jensen Foundation approved an important grant to support BirdLife International and SAVE Brasil in the development of a simple but effective blueprint for conservation of Amazonian biodiversity by identifying the most cost-effective and highest priority sites (using IBA criteria), and integrating the resulting portfolio of sites within national and regional development agendas. This report contains the activities that have been developed during the final semester of the project, plus a very brief summary of the results of activities presented in earlier reports.


pdficon_largeAmazon IBA – Final Progress (PDF 1.344KB)

SAVE Brasil